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"Dynagard AutoCal® monitors are single point detection instruments that accurately measure toxic gases and oxygen levels. Alarm lights on the front panel illuminate and an internal horn sounds when gas concentrations are exceeded."


"GfG’s EC 21 transmitter for detecting toxic gases in ambient air is an inexpensive gas detection solution for use in a wide variety of today’s industrial applications."


"GfG Instrumentation is a global leader in the design and manufacture of gas detection products used to protect people, facilities adn the environment. For over 50 years we have provided gas detection solutions for life critical health and safety applications. Our innovative and reliable gas warning and measurement systems provide the industry benchmark for accuracy, dependability, and cost-effective ownership."


"The EC 30 is an advanced transmitter for the detection of toxic gases and oxygen levels. This smart area monitor has an aluminum explosion proof housing with a stainless steel sensor cover that makes the EC 30 series suitable for the harshest environments."


"The EC 38 transmitter uses advanced technology for the detection of toxic gases and oxygen levels. It is available in the standard version with horn strobe or with a stack light. This monitor has a NEMA 4X enclosure that makes the EC 38 suitable for the harshest environments."

GMA 200

"The GMA 200-MT is our most flexible and advanced gas detection system controller. The design of the GMA 200-MT ensures simple and clearly structured operation in industrial and commercial applications. The system can be configured for control of any combination of GfG gas transmitters for the measurement of an extremely wide range of toxic and combustible gases and vapors."

GMA 200-MW4

"The GMA 200 offers innovative technology and trend-setting flexibility. It is designed for commercial and industrial applications for the measurement of combustible and toxic gases as well as for the measurement of oxygen. The compact construction of the GMA 200-MW4 provides a cost-efficient solution for safe gas monitoring of small facilities."


"The Touchpoint 1 controller when used with any one of the Sensepoint range of gas detectors provides 24 hour protection from flammable, toxic or Oxygen gas hazards. With executive outputs to shutdown process equipment or drive warning devices, the Touchpoint 1 is ideal for continuous monitoring of small remote sites where it is inappropriate or costly to monitor the area from a central location."

ZD 22

"The ZD 22 Transmitter is specifically designed for long-term monitoring of oxygen concentrations. The integrated amperometric oxygen sensor is based on an electrochemical oxygen pumping cell made of zirconium dioxide. It is characterized by its robustness, a very high life expectancy and its outstanding long-term stability. The integrated thermostatic control of the sensor element achieves accurate measuring results in the entire temperature range, regardless of the operating temperature. It can also be permanently used in environments with high concentrations of CO2 or in dry atmosphere. Special equipment is available to protect the transmitter when used in harsh environments."

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