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Multi Gas Monitors


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GfG Microtector III G888C

Combines the requirements of a modern multi-gas detector for use in personal protection with a compact design for safe working in confined spaces and shafts. The robust and practical multi-gas detector is equipped with a catalytic combustion sensor for combustible gases, an infrared sensor for CO2 and 3 electrochemical sensors for toxic gases as well as oxygen. In this configuration, the G888C is versatile in use and suitable for a wide range of applications.

GfG Microtector II G450

Full feature one to four gas monitor with flexible battery, pump, and sensor options.

GfG Polytector III G999 Series

Multi gas detector for confined spaces, toxic gases, volatile organic compounds, and with specialized combination sensors. 

GfG Microtector II G460

Full feature one to five gas monitor with flexible battery, pump, and sensor options including PID.

GfG G222E Micro 5

If you need to monitor 1 or 2 specific gases, the Micro 5 is the best choice. It can be equipped with either one or two electrochemical sensors, allowing you to reliably detect a variety of toxic gases, oxygen or hydrogen in different measuring ranges. It is approved for use in Ex zone 0. Its small and lightweight, yet the durable design offers the best possible combination of safety and comfort to anybody carrying it. The measured values, types of gas, measuring ranges and charging status of the battery can be read on the display at any point. 

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